Home Sweet Home

The husband and I finally hung our flag today – big thank you to M and K for the lovely housewarming!


Brunch Me

Today I met a dear friend for brunch at Penelope’s on Lexington. Yes, I am aware that I said that as if I brunch in New York all the time (sadly, I don’t). That said, it was so nice to walk to the train from our new home and wander around until I found the place. While I consider myself proudly independent, I tend to just blindly follow my husband when we go to the city. It was so fun to see her and catch up – the bloody mary, shared nutella french toast, and egg sandwiches didn’t hurt either. We have always been happily on the same page and our conversation kept coming back to how quickly time is passing. We will both be 28 in a matter of weeks and during our groan session about officially being in our “late 20’s”, it dawned on me – it’s been late 20’s for awhile now! Am I in such denial? Why? I am wholly content in my position in life so why am I acting as if turning 28 means I have to mourn the loss of my youth? Perhaps it’s because a shared bottle (or two) of wine with my fab SIL is still wearing me down two days later. Or because I spent the afternoon planting tomatoes and herbs in hopes that having a Summer garden will help inspire me to lose the late 20’s 20 that have been slowly creeping up on me (god forbid I cut something out of my diet instead of simply adding fresh veggies). Either way, atleast I’m in good company.

It’s been awhile…

Full Disclosure: I did not follow through on any plan I detailed on this blog to Eat Healthy or Exercise. Sad, because I think that was the majority of my posts! I think I only did Jillian’s Shred one more time after my last post. One single positive sitting out there is that I did sign up for, train for, and complete a 10 Mile race. Quite the accomplishment! Another healthy project of sorts was giving up alcohol for Lent. I was slightly horrified to find that adding exercise to my weekly routine (3 runs a week for about 8 weeks as opposed to virtually zero physical activity) and cutting out booze did not result in a single pound lost. I may have actually gained weight! Clearly it is time to face facts – my diet is the only possible remaining culprit.

Months ago Mom sent me the instructions for a cleanse she’d gotten from a friend. This is no 10 days of lemon water or anything like that. It is a 3 day reset where you cut all the crap. I think the goal is basically to cure your body’s addiction to sugar, salt, and fat. And caffeine. Ouch. I’m 6 hours in, and so far so good. Well, a cookie would be awesome right about now, but I have to believe I can make it through at least one day! And hopefully tough it out for three.

As part of Gwen’s and my Saturday night pledge to each post by Friday, I’m going to go further and make it 2 posts! I will actually follow through and, by Friday, write a follow up post about how the cleanse goes. I promise.

Wish me luck!

Getting Shredded

Thanks to inheriting my mom’s killer metabolism, I’ve been able to sail along maintaining a healthy weight with little to no exercise most of my life. Aside from family tradition 5-mile runs twice a year (the Spring Lake 5 and Manasquan Turkey Trot), for which I may or may not train, things are pretty lethargic around here. Obviously, as mentioned in my first post, one of my goals is to change that. There are a million great reasons to exercise (health, energy, vanity, etc), but I just don’t feel like it! As a potential motivator, I recently ordered Jillian’s 30 Day Shred (bought used – eco friendly!). The thousands of positive reviews, and the promise of a worthwhile workout in about 20 minutes made it seem doable. There’s that whole little ‘do it everyday’ bit which I was unsure about, but still worth a shot. Well, so far so good (ish). While I’ve been slacking on frequency, completing Level 1 just three times in eight days, I did actually notice a difference in strength from the first workout to the most recent. As in, I still can’t do the whole thing straight through, but certainly more than the first time! And man, my upper body is weak! My plan for now is to try to do each level 10 times before moving to the next, it just might not be within a 10 day span. I’ll report back after workout #30!

As a side note, I’d like to congratulate Gwen and her husband on buying their beautiful new home! The pup loves his new view:

Stepping off the Scale…

To weigh, or not to weigh? Every article I’ve ever read regarding successful weight loss and maintenance suggests weighing yourself at least weekly. (I would link to a few, but am lazy. Hahaha, probably part of the problem!) Over the past few years I’ve hopped on the scale almost daily. A fun digital one that gives you readings out to two-tenths of a pound! Oh, and tends to change by up to a pound if you hop off then re-weigh. But it’s lack of accuracy can shift both up and down, so I try to stick to one time. Anyway, I’m rambling. The point is, over the past few months as the numbers have crept steadily upward, I can no longer excuse the bigger numbers as fluke days. That is just what I weigh. But shockingly, this has not affected any change in my eating or exercise habits! Resigned to the fact that the ugly numbers are not going to budge (and if so, only up!) I regularly abandon healthy eating by lunchtime.

On Monday, I happened to get dressed for work, forgetting to step on the scale as usual, and thus a new experiment was born! I am staying away from the scale for a week (at least).  I’m hoping that taking the focus off the numbers will put me in a better (read: less defeated) mindset to make healthier eating decisions. And maybe stick with my new Jillian Michael’s DVD – more on that to come!

So… do you weigh?

Championship Sunday!

Took the pup for a snowy morning walk (3 miles! btn…). Mostly to alleviate the guilt I’d have otherwise felt leaving her while we drank beer and watched football for the rest of the day. Got to start somewhere with this exercise thing!

Celebrating the NFC Champion Giants!

After a quick Bud Light Platinum promo, we visited friends to watch the G-Men. As a relatively healthy football snack, I made the easy and delicious Cowboy Caviar with a few changes: 1 can each black beans and black-eyed peas, pickled rather than fresh jalapenos, red onion and green bell pepper, lime juice in lieu of oil & vinegar, and I diced in an avocado just before serving. Pretty healthy if you take it easy on the serving size (i.e. don’t eat half a bag of tortilla chips with it. Hmm, about that.). I plan on throwing the leftovers (it makes a ton) over some chopped romaine for a quick and healthy lunch or dinner.

P.S. Sorry for the terrible photo quality.

Smart Talk

What a week! Not only did I not watch more than 30 minutes of TV, but I actually was an active member of society – impressed. Granted, we are moving and had the cable shut off, but I’d like to think the results would be the same regardless. This past Monday night I joined a friend and colleague for dinner and a night of Smart Talk at a tiny theatre in New Brunswick. Dr. Jane Goodall (aka the Chimp Lady) of www.janegoodall.org was the guest speaker and she was simply incredible. Listening to her stories and how she continues to push boundaries to ensure we leave a sound world for our children (future)/grandchildren/etc, left me truly inspired and only slightly depressed that I went into Finance. Oh, well, here’s to a successful (if only by default) week!

Week 3: Not Awesome

So, as you may have inferred from my lack of posting, the detox isn’t going so hot thus far. I manage to eat a healthy filling breakfast every day. Success! And on a good-ish day, I manage to hold myself back from the cafeteria deli and eat the healthy lunch I’ve packed (lentil soup). But the husband has been out of town for two weeks, so at night? Oh, yeah, things are a little scary. Frozen pizzas, pounds of pasta, and leftover Xmas cookies. And way too much crap tv (my first introduction to some Real Housewives!). I’m not going to lie, it’s not pretty. Especially on the days I’ve also had a giant panini with a side of chips at the office.

I’ve classified myself as an emotional eater, and that emotion is boredom. Need to keep myself busy so that raiding the pantry isn’t just something to do. New mantra via this article, “Keep your life full, not your mouth.” Last night’s keep-me-busy project? Finally taking down our Christmas tree. My Mom was only slightly horrified that I still had it up.

The plan for this evening is some under-pressure straightening up and cleaning! My love gets home tonight, and since he’s a bit of a neat freak, I like to get things in order to protect him from the image of everything in shambles while he’s gone. Good thing I do my best work under pressure. At least, that’s what I tell myself because after a lifetime of procrastination, I don’t know any other way!

Have a great weekend, and let’s go GIANTS!!!

Winning (or Whining) with Weight Watchers

Why hello there, Weight Watchers…we meet again. So, I’ve decided to give this a whirl, what with my hopes to change my lifestyle and have a banging Summer body. To be honest, I’ve had great luck with this diet in the past (note, past). Mostly because it allows me to eat whatever I want, whenever I want, but simply in moderation. And just look at J-Hud! Trouble is, I have found it very easy to get obsessed (think spreadsheets of points values) which has inevitably lead to a very minor weight loss, directly followed by about a year of complete and utter disregard of numbers when it comes to what I’m eating. And not just points values, I’m talking calories, fat content, etc. Hence why I’m here to crawl back on the wagon. Feeling inspired, I punched in a few numbers on the weight watchers website and based on a quick and dirty calculation, I’m allowed 26 points per day. Not even a point per year of age! Just over a point an hour! Okay, enough whining, let’s do this! I’ll start tomorrow.

Ready, Set, Detox!


…and then quit two days later, return to binge-y ways, and then hopefully start up again. I’m that committed. Right.

So, ‘why a detox?’ you might ask. Well, unfortunately, this morning my scale confirmed that my diet of bowls of cheesy spaghetti and leftover Xmas cookies is shockingly not shedding pounds. Quite the opposite, in fact. Crazy, I know. I haven’t seen numbers like this since a semester in Paris where my diet was all baguettes, cheese, nutella, and wine, all the time*. Ahh, Paris.

Back to the plan. I’m not doing any crazy fasting or calorie restricting, just trying to eat nutritiously. Skipping dairy (do eggs count as dairy? I’ll be eating them) and processed foods. Eating lots of whole grains, fruits & veggies, beans, nuts, etc. and drinking plenty of green tea and lemon water.

I’ll be hopping off the wagon this weekend for a trip to Baltimore which will surely involve crabcakes and plenty of football watching wings & beers. The plan as of now is to watch my portions and try to sneak in a quick jaunt or two on the treadmill. And then right back on the wagon when I get home Monday afternoon! Well, that’s assuming I have off Monday… gotta find out about that.

Wish me luck! (and please share any tips or recipes!)

*Ok, I actually quit Nutella after the first month. They sell it in BIG jars over there and I was eating an entire baguette spread with the stuff for dinner. Not exactly the typical French diet.