Ah, 2013.  How is it January already?  While 2012 may have been the year Gwen and I started a blog, hopefully 2013 is the year we actually write a few posts for it!  One can hope.  She’s going to have a post for you this weekend, or so I hear ;0).

I’d like to follow through with some of the things I’d hoped to share last year, especially projects around my home.  There are some long ago uploaded “before” pics of my kitchen floating around; if I can get a few half decent “after” pics we’ll be all set there!  Many more projects to come this year, so I’ll try to document as best I can.  The next big one is having new floors installed upstairs so we will actually be using the upper half of our house!  Pretty exciting – moving the master upstairs in order to be closer to the nursery which will be occupied in 4.5 months or so.

Another possible series I’d like to start in lieu of or in addition to “Meal of the Week Monday” is a Julie & Julia style trial of the recipes in the Kreger Family Cookbook.  A couple of my aunts took it upon themselves to request recipes and put them together a couple of years ago – I think it would be fun to try (most of) them and share the recipes and any tips or tricks I learn along the way.  The first of which will likely be – “Don’t bother to make bagels at home if you live in a state where delicious bagels are readily available.”

Hope you all had a wonderful holiday season and are looking forward to a happy year to come.  May it be filled with GGGB blog posts!