So, big news to share this week – we are closing on our first home one week from today!  There has been a slow trickle of packing happening over the past couple of months, but now that the big move is officially imminent I’m a bit more motivated.  My mentality has shifted.  Everything that seemed like it should be packed closer to the move can suddenly be packed now!  My lovely SIL offered to come down and help me plow through and make some progress last night.  She is a much more effective packer than myself.  At one point, she suggested half a dozen things she could work to pack up, and I of course had an excuse for why each one wasn’t packed yet and couldn’t be packed yet.  Hmm, maybe my mentality hasn’t yet shifted as much as I thought!  After a couple of white wine spritzers I was much more willing to admit that perhaps I do not need 3 hoodies to tide me over the next few weeks.  And I suppose I can’t wear all of my shoes in the next couple of weeks either.  Anyway, end result, some progress was made.  These guys helped:

So anyway, I’d like to consider myself officially a non-slacker for the immediate future.  There’s just too much to do to have it any other way.  Speaking of, anybody know of good movers in NJ?

P.S. Happy Birthday Gwen!