Better late than never! Or something. The above cuteness is meant to distract you from from the fact that I didn’t post this update last week as promised.

So, the cleanse. Well, I did manage to tough it out for the full 3 days. I shouldn’t have been surprised, but apparently there was a bit more sodium in my diet than I realized! I say this because on day one I dropped about 4 pounds of water weight right off the bat. That was some pretty solid motivation to keep it up. As far as side effects are concerned, I’ll admit, I was a bit headachy and a little nauseous. I respectively blame those on sugar withdrawal and digesting so many veggies.

What I have taken away from the cleanse is a realization that I might not have been eating quite as healthfully as I always thought prior to this. Since, I’ve been trying to make better choices. I think those better, more moderate choices have been at least somewhat successful so far because a weekend of dinner out (see Gwen’s mention of a wine laden SIL dinner), a bridal shower, and afternoon cocktails and snacks with Mom at UL did not result in the scale jumping right back up this morning. I am officially sold on keeping up cleanse-like meals during the week if it means I can enjoy myself on the weekend. Add in a little exercise and I just might be ready to welcome bikini season! That is if the sun ever shines in NJ again.

Happy Monday!