Full Disclosure: I did not follow through on any plan I detailed on this blog to Eat Healthy or Exercise. Sad, because I think that was the majority of my posts! I think I only did Jillian’s Shred one more time after my last post. One single positive sitting out there is that I did sign up for, train for, and complete a 10 Mile race. Quite the accomplishment! Another healthy project of sorts was giving up alcohol for Lent. I was slightly horrified to find that adding exercise to my weekly routine (3 runs a week for about 8 weeks as opposed to virtually zero physical activity) and cutting out booze did not result in a single pound lost. I may have actually gained weight! Clearly it is time to face facts – my diet is the only possible remaining culprit.

Months ago Mom sent me the instructions for a cleanse she’d gotten from a friend. This is no 10 days of lemon water or anything like that. It is a 3 day reset where you cut all the crap. I think the goal is basically to cure your body’s addiction to sugar, salt, and fat. And caffeine. Ouch. I’m 6 hours in, and so far so good. Well, a cookie would be awesome right about now, but I have to believe I can make it through at least one day! And hopefully tough it out for three.

As part of Gwen’s and my Saturday night pledge to each post by Friday, I’m going to go further and make it 2 posts! I will actually follow through and, by Friday, write a follow up post about how the cleanse goes. I promise.

Wish me luck!