Thanks to inheriting my mom’s killer metabolism, I’ve been able to sail along maintaining a healthy weight with little to no exercise most of my life. Aside from family tradition 5-mile runs twice a year (the Spring Lake 5 and Manasquan Turkey Trot), for which I may or may not train, things are pretty lethargic around here. Obviously, as mentioned in my first post, one of my goals is to change that. There are a million great reasons to exercise (health, energy, vanity, etc), but I just don’t feel like it! As a potential motivator, I recently ordered Jillian’s 30 Day Shred (bought used – eco friendly!). The thousands of positive reviews, and the promise of a worthwhile workout in about 20 minutes made it seem doable. There’s that whole little ‘do it everyday’ bit which I was unsure about, but still worth a shot. Well, so far so good (ish). While I’ve been slacking on frequency, completing Level 1 just three times in eight days, I did actually notice a difference in strength from the first workout to the most recent. As in, I still can’t do the whole thing straight through, but certainly more than the first time! And man, my upper body is weak! My plan for now is to try to do each level 10 times before moving to the next, it just might not be within a 10 day span. I’ll report back after workout #30!

As a side note, I’d like to congratulate Gwen and her husband on buying their beautiful new home! The pup loves his new view: