Why hello there, Weight Watchers…we meet again. So, I’ve decided to give this a whirl, what with my hopes to change my lifestyle and have a banging Summer body. To be honest, I’ve had great luck with this diet in the past (note, past). Mostly because it allows me to eat whatever I want, whenever I want, but simply in moderation. And just look at J-Hud! Trouble is, I have found it very easy to get obsessed (think spreadsheets of points values) which has inevitably lead to a very minor weight loss, directly followed by about a year of complete and utter disregard of numbers when it comes to what I’m eating. And not just points values, I’m talking calories, fat content, etc. Hence why I’m here to crawl back on the wagon. Feeling inspired, I punched in a few numbers on the weight watchers website and based on a quick and dirty calculation, I’m allowed 26 points per day. Not even a point per year of age! Just over a point an hour! Okay, enough whining, let’s do this! I’ll start tomorrow.