…and then quit two days later, return to binge-y ways, and then hopefully start up again. I’m that committed. Right.

So, ‘why a detox?’ you might ask. Well, unfortunately, this morning my scale confirmed that my diet of bowls of cheesy spaghetti and leftover Xmas cookies is shockingly not shedding pounds. Quite the opposite, in fact. Crazy, I know. I haven’t seen numbers like this since a semester in Paris where my diet was all baguettes, cheese, nutella, and wine, all the time*. Ahh, Paris.

Back to the plan. I’m not doing any crazy fasting or calorie restricting, just trying to eat nutritiously. Skipping dairy (do eggs count as dairy? I’ll be eating them) and processed foods. Eating lots of whole grains, fruits & veggies, beans, nuts, etc. and drinking plenty of green tea and lemon water.

I’ll be hopping off the wagon this weekend for a trip to Baltimore which will surely involve crabcakes and plenty of football watching wings & beers. The plan as of now is to watch my portions and try to sneak in a quick jaunt or two on the treadmill. And then right back on the wagon when I get home Monday afternoon! Well, that’s assuming I have off Monday… gotta find out about that.

Wish me luck! (and please share any tips or recipes!)

*Ok, I actually quit Nutella after the first month. They sell it in BIG jars over there and I was eating an entire baguette spread with the stuff for dinner. Not exactly the typical French diet.