Well, pretty much epic fail this week. There were a few healthy meals snuck in there (like these burritos and this soup) between breakfast sandwiches and bowls of spaghetti, and a little bit of knitting (a distressingly small amount of finishing work to be done there, hopefully I will be able to post the finished project next week). However, there was zero exercise, some weeknight wine consumption and way too much TV. Shocker, I didn’t change at the stroke of midnight last Saturday! Hahah, oh, well, better luck next week.

For now, looking forward to a belated Christmas celebration with family this weekend. Now that my cousins and I are all out of school, our work schedules make regular get-togethers a bit tricky! Very excited to catch up with everyone tomorrow.

Oh, and one more thing to look forward to?? Playoffs, baby!!! Let’s go GMEN!

Due to the delicious home-cooked meals as well as wings and beer to come this weekend, regular attempts at being healthy will resume next week.