Hi non-existent (yet!) readers! I’d like to take this opportunity to introduce myself and the concept behind this blog and a high-level overview of my personal goals. (Ew, that sounds way too professional – note to self: don’t write like I’m on an interview!)

I am a happily-married, puppy-adoring business analyst in New Jersey. I’ll maintain my hubby’s privacy for now, but will be sure to share lots of pics of our dog Fanny! Especially on days when I’m failing at any and all resolutions. I am hypothetically interested in all things girly (cooking & baking, fashion, beauty, craftiness, homemaking, etc), but often find myself lamenting that I’m not doing those things (or more practical pursuits, like exercising, volunteering, etc, etc). Mostly because I’m so busy drinking wine and watching TV after work every night. Boring!

Chatting with my SIL Gwen revealed that we’d fallen into parallel ruts (probably less wine in her case) and had many overlapping ideas on how we could better spend our time. We’d tossed around the idea of co-authoring a blog in the past, but didn’t have a concept or focused subject. Now we do!

My hope is that this blog will provide a bit of accountability and motivation – no one’s going to want to read about the 5 hours of Bones reruns I’m watching on a Wednesday. I’m also sure that there are other women in our position. By documenting both successes and failures as I attempt to become a more dynamic person, hopefully I can help someone else avoid the same pitfalls I encounter in addition to sharing any tips that really help.

Now for an overview of my personal intentions, a list will be handy I think.
Eat Healthfully
Develop Hobbies
Get more organized
Take better care of myself

(The plan is to use some semblance of this list as categories for the blog, so if you’re only interested in what we have to say about healthy recipes for example, it should be relatively easy to find all food related posts.)